Hawaii Specials, Full Service LANS and WANS, Subscriptions for configuration services.

Market Areas

Our goal is to help your customers benefit.

Prime Contractor/Consulting
PBS can provide the expertise to specify your computer requirements and/or a specific hardware solution--on a consultant basis or as a systems provider!

Facilities Management/Out-Sourcing
After your system is installed, PBS can supply MIS expertise on an as-needed basis or via fixed contract--lowers the cost of hiring (and rehiring) and training (and retraining) of in‑house personnel!

Turnkey Systems/Federal Credit Unions
With an extensive background in Windows-based systems, PBS can now offer a wide range of computer systems. We can supply Server or PC-based systems with third-party applications packages for complete implementations--Federal Credit Union software, finance and accounting, EDI, Oracle support, X.25, and more!

Systems Integration/3rd-Party Software
Should you have particular hardware or software requirements, PBS can incorporate them into your solution and act as the coordinator/liason between all vendors--a single "phone number" that will "make it work"!

Hardware/LAN Supplier
PBS has access to peripherals and networking hardware from a number of suppliers and will match your needs with what is available--one-stop shopping!

PC Supplier/3rd-Party Resellers
We supply high-performance aggressively-priced PCs and network servers, backed by industry-leading support services, either directly or via third-party market specialists--more power and less headaches at great prices!

PBS Support Strategy

PBS Subcontractors and Consultant Roles The goal of PBS is to augment the level of support to our customers that is based on their internal technical support requirements and abilities with PBS staff, subcontractors, consultants and business partners for either short term or long term needs. We also provide technical support between the customers and computer suppliers, software vendors and services vendors as required.