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Desktop PC Rollouts and Deployment Services

Why a Rollout?
After years of evolution (buying assorted systems / models) its time to get control and standardize your desktop environment.

  • This will decrease your Helpdesk support costs.
  • It will decrease your end user training costs.
  • Improve your IT staff performance (setup and reload times).
  • It will simplify the integration and deployment of future software applications.

Preliminary Planning

  • IT staff involvement and planning meetings
  • Initial schedule based on estimated scope of work to be performed
  • Senior management expectations and ROI evaluation


  • Full site hardware and software inventory
  • Microsoft Inventory Analyzer (MSIA)
  • Microsoft Open Licensing (as needed)

Pre-Upgrade Preparation

  • Management and Supervisor planning meetings
  • Deployment project schedules
  • Develop custom-base or standard unattended installation
  • Develop custom department-specific installation scripts
  • Develop custom checklists with quality controls


  • Pre-upgrade department and end-user sign-off / approval
  • End-user profiles and data backup
  • Hardware swaps as needed to satisfy minimum requirements or new base standard hardware
  • Windows installation or upgrade
  • MS Office, Outlook installation
  • Your industry, your company based application installation
  • Custom department setups such as drive mappings and printer setups
  • Separate team member quality control check of work performed
  • Issues listing for IT and Help Desk support personnel
  • Next morning on-site, in department technical support as needed
  • Post department wrap-up meeting

Renovation & Relocations

  • New Site setup
  • Site renovations and equipment moves
  • Site and equipment relocations
  • Project Scheduling

Post Rollout Analysis

  • Analysis of Rollout recap for management
  • Equipment erasure and disposal or donations to charitable organizations

Work Experience and Technical Expertise

  • Windows 10 desktops and  Servers
  • LAN / WAN Network setup and administration
  • Troubleshooting desktop, LAN and WAN issues
  • Assisting in hardware troubleshooting (minimal hardware repair capability)
  • Custom MS ACCESS and Visual Basic programming
  • Business Process Analysis (non DoD)
  • MS Project Scheduling
  • Deploying Japanese Windows desktops
  • DSL and Cable Internet setup
  • ISP setup
  • MS Exchange support and upgrades
  • VPN setup
  • IT on-site support (during IT vacations)


Call For Quotes

  • Desktops
  • Printers / Cartridges
  • Cables & Storage
  • Monitors
  • Digital Camera
  • MPs & PDAs
  • Hardware/Network
  • Add-ons' & Accessories
  • Notebooks
  • Scanners
  • Sound & Gaming
  • Software


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CUFIS - Credit Union Financial Information System
A Credit Union package designed for the smaller institution. Easy to use and full featured. Desktop or Server-based system. Now you have a choice.

Flexible Solutions
Because of the demands on a credit union by its members, its board of directors, federal regulations and competitive pressures, the system was developed to be comprehensive and extremely flexible providing you with a competitive edge. A simple, yet comprehensive truly open solution, allowing you to integrate other applications you choose.

Limit Your Cost of Growth
The robust scalability of our application allows you to grow from a small desktop computer to a larger server-based system depending on your needs with a minimal impact. There is no need to retrain, or convert your data as you expand your system. It means the small CU has full access to share drafts, ATM's, General Ledger and other features normally available only to larger credit unions.

Easy to Use
The system is designed to be user friendly by using menus to make all your program selections easy. A help function will answer your question when you're not sure how to proceed. But, for those instances you want to make sure, our friendly staff is always readily available to support you. A batch operations program that is as simple as setting your alarm clock, you select what you want run when, and go home.



  • Output Fulfillment Products  High volume print, merge and mail services
  • Windows Server installation
  • Windows, WORD, EXCEL introduction classes
  • Project Management, Scheduling and Control
  • Full Site Facilities Management