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The CERT/CC Current Activity web page is a regularly updated summary of the most frequent, high-impact types of security incidents and vulnerabilities currently being reported to the CERT/CC.

Protect Yourself
Here are some suggested ideas on ways to protect your PC (and you) from viruses, ads, spies, Trojans, pop-up and hackers.

1 Firewall www.zonelabs.com Zone Alarm or Windows firewall  
2 Antivirus www.symantec.com   www.mcafee.com
3 Ad blocking & tracking www.google.com Search for "malwarebytes"  
4 Pest blocking www.google.com Search for "SpyBot Search and Destroy"  
5 Port Scan test www.GRC.com Shield's Up  
6 PopUp blocker toolbar www.google.com   www.yahoo.com
7 Trojan Scanner Security Scan tools (some free) A Trojan is a program that enters your computer undetected, giving the attacker who planted the Trojan unrestricted access to the data stored on your computer. WindowSecurity.com
7 Email - BCC vs, CC vs TO   Never ever use TO and CC for group emails, this is a favorite place for virus programs to get your email address. Use BCC (except for internal company emails)"
9 Windows OS updates www.Microsoft.com    
10 OS patches www.Microsoft.com    
11 OS critical security updates www.Microsoft.com    
12 Office updates www.Microsoft.com    
13 Office patches www.Microsoft.com    
14 Office security patches www.Microsoft.com    
15 Auto update HFNETCHKPRO      
16 Clear recycle bin desktop    
17 Clear Internet Temp files c:\%system%\temporary internet files\    
18 Internet Explorer cleanup IT \ tools \ options Tools / Options / delete files and offline files  
19 Windows cookies IE \ tools \ options    
20 Remove installation files after operational C: \ %system% \ $NTUNINSTALL delete updates older than 6 months  
21 Disk Cleanup My computer \ C: \  Select properties \ Disk cleanup  
22 Disk error check My computer \ C: \ tools    
23 Disk Defrag My computer \ C: \ tools    
24 Clear ZA logs files   For Zone Alarm logs  
25 Clear NAV log files      


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